Hydraulic power units are the most important driving components in hydraulic systems. These units consist mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, and can generate an enormous amount of power to drive a hydraulic system.

From our rental department you can choose from a wide range of temporary equipment that is suitable for use in demanding environments. The equipment covers necessary approvals in accordance with the Norsok regulations, DNV lifting approvals and requirements for use in EX-regulated zones.

Our HPUs are suitable for use as Flushe Equipment for Hot Oil Flush - HOF, Oil Circulation Pump, Oil Purification, BOP Testing and Oil Flushing of pipes and hoses. The equipment is often used as a supplement or for temporary use such as hydraulic power packs, HPU on vessels, Ringline HPU or Elektro Hydraulisk Aggregat for cranes, spools and winches.

Our hydraulic pumps and hydraulic power packs are specified for use with various fluid types such as mineral and synthetic oils including Brayco. Water and glycol-based fluids such as Transaqua, Oceanic and BOP fluids. If you are looking for hydraulic power units or power packs, we can help you with complete set-up including personnel, couplings, hoses, manifolds and purity test equipment.Above is an overview of some of the rental equipment we have for the land-based, marine and oil service industry

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