Illus. Hydropower plants

Hydropower plants

Equipment adapted to perform inspection and examination of piping systems at hydropower plants.

Illus. Workshop services

Workshop services

Services such as troubleshooting, repair and modification of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical equipment, ...

Illus. Engineering services

Engineering services

Our engineers are experienced and efficient, with good knowledge of the regulations in force at any given time

Illus. Field service

Field service

Inspection, maintenance, repair. Umbilical repair and re-termination. Pressure testing and HOF ....

Illus. Production


We tailor each product to the customer's and environmental requirements ...

Illus. Accumulator Service Center


Hydraulic Accumulator Maintenance - Repair - Inspection and Certification

Illus. Checking compressed air cylinders

Compressed Air Bottles

Our personnel have completed the necessary training for the control of portable pressure bottles.

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