Quality & HSE Policy


BlueSolutions is committed to providing total customer satisfaction.

To comply with this has BlueSolutions prepared quality policy as a cornerstone of our quality management systems. We will deliver quality products and services that ensure satisfaction and trust, and give us satisfied customers. The management in BlueSolutions shall, through management and measures, create an environment where personnel are engaged, and where the system for quality management can be used in an effective manner.

We will strive to:

  • Understand the dynamic market for our industry, customer requirements, expectations and needs
  • Develop our technology and infrastructure to be a leader in the latest technology
  • Be able to offer a high standard with a minimum of possibilities for deviations
  • Treat any discrepancies with the intention of eliminating the root cause, to prevent recurrence
  • Take responsibility for the quality of your own work by creating commitment and working purposefully with open and positive dialogue at all levels
  • Constantly working for continuous improvement of our management systems Everyone in the Mega Group must know, understand and identify with the company's quality policy and goals.
  • ISO Certified according to: NS-EN ISO 9001-14001- 45001


It is an overall objective of BlueSolutions to avoid incidents that result in harm to people, the environment or property, or lead to production losses.
All work is planned and carried out in accordance with laws and regulations and based on an understanding and acceptance that all accidents and losses are avoidable.
All our employees, contractors and guests have the right to expect a safe workplace.
We are committed to ensuring high standards of occupational health and safety to protect the lives of everyone who works for, visits or lives near our operations. The reporting and investigation of near misses and hazardous conditions is considered by BlueSolutions as a resource for improvement and prevention.
Investigations should focus on identifying root causes.

To achieve our goals we will:

  • Develop, implement and maintain systems and procedures that will create standards of occupational health and safety, and through regular audits verify compliance with the standards.
  • Set annual improvement goals and objectives, and review them to ensure they are achieved at all levels.
  • Involve all employees in the implementation of this policy, and provide appropriate guidance, training and control to motivate employees and others to carry out their work and responsibilities in a safe and competent manner.

MAGNET Joint Qualification System (EPIM JQS)

Magnet JQS is a service to support pre-qualification of suppliers to the oil and gas industry

Magnet JQS is a supplier register and a qualification service used by buyers in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient procurement in accordance with EU regulations, and covers most procurement needs.

By selecting BlueSolutions as your preferred supplier, we strive to provide you with the best service and products.

Strategically Located

We are located in Ågotnes, 20 minutes drive from Bergen

The industrial area is well established and houses several large Offshore Service players as well as Subsea by market - here you will also find suppliers of maintenance services and general service to the oil and gas industry located in the area.

We have our head office in Ågotnes

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